Great music, sexy tattoos, delicious abs and handsome looks. Iyon ang mga susi para ituring na hottest and most sought after rock band of this generation ang bandang Prodigal Sons. Kaya hindi na nakapagtataka kung unti-unting naloloka ang mga babae at pinagpapantasyahan ang anim na miyembro ng banda.

Pero hindi alam ng mga fans na sa tuwing matatapos ang concerts at nakapatay na ang mikropono ay ibang mukha naman ng Prodigal Sons ang masasaksihan. Ang mukhang iyon ay iilang babae lamang ang nakakaalam. And these women can’t help but to find themselves loving and hating and loving these rock gods again and again.

Get all six of these steamy and sexy stories in one collection. Let your thoughts be intoxicated by these crazy love affairs of the hottest bad ass rockers in town—The Prodigal Sons.

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By: Ysadora Lee

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Written by

Ysa Lee

Ysa Lee